Pre-Owned Rolex

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French Riviers Jewelers, The most trusted in pre-owned Rolex from Coral Gables, Miami Florida USA. Where you can buy and sell Rolex watches. Here at French Riviera Jewelers, we provide all the original paperwork with your Rolex watch and many of our models are available with Rolex’s own international warranty. This means that you can buy iconic Rolex models such as the Daytona, Submariner, Explorer and Datejust without any worries or concerns regarding the originality or durability of these famous watches. When you hear ‘Rolex watch’ you think of words such as success and style. If you already own one of these watches and are thinking about changing it for a different model, we can definitely help; not only do we sell a wide range of Rolex watches, we also buy pre-owned Rolex watches and pride ourselves on offering the best possible price for your beloved timepieces.

One of the most recognised brands in the world, Rolex is possibly the most famous watch company in existence. Since being founded in 1908, it has been synonymous with innovation and quality. With an impressive history of technological advancements, from the world's first waterproof wristwatch to the world's first model with an automatic date display, Rolex pioneered many of the features we now take for granted in watches. Every aspect of production is tightly controlled by Rolex in-house to ensure perfection, creating iconic watches that are the embodiment of luxury and performance. Whether you are looking to acquire your first vintage or pre-owned Rolex or are an avid collector, we can help you find the perfect model.