The History of Riviera Jewelers


It was the year 1923 when Don Julio Abislaiman established Joyería Riviera in Havana, Cuba on the very elegant Galiano Boulevard. The store was considered the Tiffany's of Havana. Located inside a two story property, jewelry and watches were displayed on the first level, while every conceivable sterling silver item for the home was displayed on the top floor. It was the first jewelry store in la havana to be the authorized dealer of the famous brand Rolex. After the first few months of the Revolution in 1960, the family closed shop and moved to open a store one in Puerto Rico and another one in Coral Gables.

Over the past fourty years, the name of Riviera Jewelers has become synonymous across the globe with the prestigious and the exceptional. Thanks to a strategy of implantation and rigorous choice of partners, it is able to offer its clients exceptional products and the best possible service. For many years, it has had the chance to have at its side a faithful and dynamic team which shares its enthusiasm. Today, French Riviera’s renown has spread far beyond France to become the unmissable rendez-vous of a demanding clientele in search of the rare, even the unique.