Pre-Owned Patek Philippe


French Riviers Jewelers, The most trusted in pre-owned Patek Philippe from Coral Gables, Miami Florida USA. Where you can buy and sell Patek Philippe watches. We are always interested in buying or consigning all Patek Philippe Models: Calatrava, Golden Ellipse, Gondolo, Aquanaut, Nautilus, Complications etc. It's almost undisputable that Patek Philippe is the cream of the crop among fine Swiss watch manufacturers. Founded in 1839 by Count Norbert Antoine de Patek and joined six years later by Jean Adrien Philippe, Patek Philippe has always been at the leading edge of watch innovations with a philosophy of quality & aesthetics. Having set such distinguished records as "most complicated watch" and "highest price paid for a watch".

The Patek Philippe brand is understated, timeless, luxurious and highly desirable. Purchasing even a used Patek Philippe can often be viewed as a good investment because they hold their value so well. The company produces only 38,000 watches per year. Though most models like the Calatrava, Nautilus and Twenty-4 are easy to find, there can be a wait up to 5 years for the company's most complex styles also known as grand complications. The buyer has to submit an application, recommendation and go through an approval process for these particular styles. Many people consider preowned Patek Philippe watches but a French Riviera Jewelers Patek Philippe watch is something different altogether. All our watches are serviced and polished to like new condition. Our after sales service commitment is second to none in the world. Visit us to check our selection of fine refurbished & reconditioned Patek Philippe watches.