Pierre DeRoche Watches collection

French Riviera Jewelers offers Pierre DeRoche watches collection in Coral Gables, Miami Florida USA Pierre DeRoche Since 1901 the Dubois and Depraz families have been at the center of movement complication innovation and manufacturing in the Vallee’ De Joux of Switzerland. The Dubois family’s manufactory holds over 50 movement complication patents developed in the last 110 years. Having four generations of “complication innovation”, the family has now taken Pierre Dubois, the youngest son of famed movement as the family’s first Watch brand. Pierre and Carole have used the family’s vast knowledge of movement complication development to create the exquisite line of watches termed Pierre DeRoche. The Dubois family’s contributions have culminated with a brand of epic proportion and grandeur. Mechanically magnificent, each watch houses a proprietary complication that is unique only to the Pierre DeRoche collection. Four generations of expertise starting with Marcel Depraz has been culminated by Roland Dubois, Marcel’s son in law, Gerald Dubois and now Pascal and Jean-Philippe Dubois. The last 110 years of work has now manifested into Pierre DeRoche, offering with it, a new meaning to “Time Travel”.